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Characteristics of plastic packaging wastes
A research for the current situation in Thessaloniki

*Corresponding author
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory of Organic Chemical Technology, Department of Chemistry, Thessaloniki, 54124, Greece


The present study investigates the amountand composition of plastic packaging generated in thegreater area of Thessaloniki by means of a survey basedon interviews, combined with a detailed recording ofdifferent polymer types used in these consumer products.General purpose bags were found to have the highestconsumption followed by water and soft drinks bottles.Concerning the type of polymer, PET is mostly used inpackaging materials followed by HDPE and PP with thelatter replacing in many applications PS. PVC was almostabsent. The total annual amount of waste plasticpackaging was estimated at 108 kg/capita. Concerningthe eco-conscience of the consumers, approximately 25percent re-use the plastic packaging, while only 27percent of the people throw plastic packaging waste inspecial marked recycling bins.


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