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Smart packaging improving shelf life of food product


Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland


The primary functionality of food packaging is the protection against different factors reducing the shelf life of  their content. The development of smart packaging systems combining both active and intelligent packaging technologies provided new opportunities to enhance the quality and safety of food products. Smart packaging elements enable the introduction of dynamic shelf life approach in the supply chain. Smart packaging supported with effective communication systems like RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) could significantly improve product traceability within the food supply chain.

The article is short review of most promising smart packaging innovations that could improve shelf life of food products including solutions already available on the market and packaging systems that are being developed.


The main functionality of food packaging is strictly connected with their application to maintain  the quality and safety of their content in the supply chain. Conventional packaging technologies provide the protection, communication, convenience of use and required containment of packed products in a passive way (1,2). Active packaging were the first improvement of conventional food packaging that focused on the direct influence on the product shelf live by releasing or removing substances from or into the packed food or its surrounding, and hereby maintaining their quality (3). 

Intelligent packaging systems expanded the communication functionality of packaging by real-time monitoring the environment or condition of preserved products to facilitate more efficient control of their supply chain and extending food products’ shelf life (1). Smart packaging systems combine the advantages of both technologies and usually simplify automated data collection (ADC) or other communication within the food supply chain by the implementation of electronic tools such ...

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