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The internet of packaging




Ever thought how wonderful it would be if some of your household products would just take care of themselves? If you could get reminders about medication dosage that are especially fitted for you or your loved ones’ needs? Those days are not so far away. The Internet of Things is spreading and its starting to influence the packaging industry. Soon, our packages will have more functions than just hold our products safe, it will include a personal user experience and it will revolutionize how we look at packages. Want to know more? This article is just for you.


If there is one thing data has been able to achieve over the last few years, it is change. Data has created change in most aspects of our lives. Social networks and search engines are able to take in a plethora of information about our search habits, what we like, what brands we are drawn to, and what our passions and interests are.

For instance, maybe one often searches for organic food brands online and purchases from online retailers that specialize in organic and natural foods. The data collected from those searches allow social networks, like Facebook, to customize the content that is displayed on your newsfeed or on the sidebar of the webpage. This helps brands to personalize tech products to fit their customers. It also provides people with a personalized experience and helps brands and companies attract like-minded customers.

Taking things a step further is using sensors to collect data from the machines we use to gather information about customer usage habits and making the machine learn how to act according to it. Smart thermostats are used in homes and can collect data about the homeowner’s heati ...

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