Less is better for packaging that enables much more


Auvergne University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Cosmetic market is innovative and integrates design and sustainability to offer always new products to users. The ‘LESS IS MORE’ credo seems to arrive at the ‘LESS IS BETTER’ idea. A general overview with examples focusing on formulas, containers, applicators and spray is proposed and largely emphasizes the omnipresence of an eco-sustainable approach.

The constantly moving beauty market is reinventing itself to satisfy demanding consumers in a world where image and appearance are essential. Always more innovations radiating outside the traditional borders of cosmetics, but sometimes less components, materials; if a universe can highlight the famous oxymoron ‘LESS IS MORE’ and adapt it to many of its emblematic products, it is that of beauty ...


Offering cosmetics which, according to their official definition, will be in contact with the external parts of the skin to cleanse, perfume, change the appearance, without however presenting any treatment activity; we are not in the medical world (1, 2).


Efficiency and performance are essential for cosmetic products (definitely true concentrates of technology) that do not forget about design. A world where ‘LESS IS MORE’ is akin to a real ‘credo’ with adaptations to substances in their diversity and to users in their complexities...


Looking at the cosmetic market, the good health of beauty world market (a regular 4-5% increase for the last 10 years) has been replaced by an 8% decrease, du ...