Adieu, or maybe, au revoir


Scientific advisory board of HPC Today – TKS Publisher


Covid 19 pandemic had many negative but also some positive consequences. As far as these columns are concerned it caused a drying-out of the sources for tracking original developments in the surfactants industry. So for me it is time to pack-up and say goodbye and thank you to those who followed me over the last years. But never say never: adieu, maybe au revoir, however not without some final considerations.

The Covid 19 pandemic has taken (and is still taking) a heavy toll of lives and had/has heavily impacted on, social relations, behaviours and economy. But it also had positive effects, most important of all, in my view, the quantum leap in immunology brought about by the widespread success of the m-RNA technology and of the formulation enabling its safe delivery. Many medical authorities are of the opinion that it holds great promises to fight other diseases for which no effective treatment has been discovered to date. By the way, in a previous article (1) I have highlighted the importance of the formulation of pharmaceutical actives that is instrumental in enabling them to exert their therapeutical function. In this context, I have just heard that Quillaja saponaria extracts (read saponins) are essential components of the recently approved anti-malaria vaccine. Regrettably I have no more details.


Covid 19 also substantially changed the ways of working such it will never return to the models and patterns it had before the break-out of the pandemic. For example virtual conferences and webinars proved to be an actionable and effective communication tool, not ...