Guido Bognolo
Scientific advisory board of 
H&PC Today – household and Personal Care today (TKS Publisher)

In the quest for a continuing advancement in the mission of information on surface active agents pursued over 15 years of its existence, H&PC Today is introducing the “Surfactants Alert” column, that aims at:

  • Presenting an impartial, critical view of topical subjects in the field of surface active agents and of related effect chemicals
  • Highlighting subjects that may lead to innovative technological and business developments
  • Providing food for thought and knowledge advancement by facilitating and stimulating confrontation of opinions and factual evidence


Surfactants Alert will appear on a bimonthly basis in the form of synthetic articles covering topics like:

  • Sustainability and bio-based surfactants
  • Biosurfactants
  • Regulatory ant its real impact on the surfactants industry
  • Emerging technological and business opportunities
  • Regional markets overviews
  • The evolution of the surfactants market and its raw ma ...
  • ...