Sustainability – Times are a changing


Mark Stalmans
Procter & Gamble
Member of HPC Today’s Scientific Advisory Board

The journey towards sustainable cleaning is a long one, paved with complexities and challenges, but there are numerous positive signals and encouraging progress reports. Companies and associations in the cleaning and cosmetic product sectors are clearly stepping beyond conventional approaches to sustainability : Business As Usual approaches are obsoleted by models in which sustainably designed products become mainstream and enable sustainable lifestyles.   It is amazing to see how many new sustainability initiatives emerge in the cleaning and cosmetic product sectors and how deep and broad the impact is.

To give a few examples:
The European industry association for cleaning and maintenance products (AISE) continues to lead the way with meaningful, voluntary but broadly supported sustainability initiatives, deepening the social, environmental and economical fundaments. Hard work pays off: AISE continues to report annually on how sectoral production tonnages are systematically decoupling from manufacturing energy use and GHG emissions. This success is achieved since AISE offers an inspiring and science-based sustainability framework and then gets broad s ...