Sensient technologies unveils a new added – value technology: Micro-encapsulated Fragrances FORMALDEHYDE FREE


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Sensient Fragrances hold a global position leveraging fragrance compounds, aroma chemicals and essential oils to provide best in class, sustainable and integrated solutions.

We merge technological developments with pure inspiration & creativity with mood trends, fashion and market factors that are valued by consumers.

As the technology landscape grows, Sensient Fragrances is always looking into consumer´s and market trends to meet or anticipate their needs.


FORMALDEHYDE FREE Micro encapsulated perfumes SensiCaps G2”

For Long Lasting Scent experience

While detergents and softeners were designed to provide a fresh scent to the textile, regardless the technology used to diffuse the fragrance, the effect was short-live.

Extensive market demand for perfumes with a significant long-lasting effect was the basis for the development of Sensient Micro-encapsulation technology SensiCaps®.

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