Emulsions and dispersions stabilisation


Scientific advisory board of H&PC Today – Household and Personal Care Today (TKS Publisher)

I always met with an issue when I try to discuss the simple, yet apparently confusing aspect of emulsions or dispersion stabilization. In this note I will try to put the dots on the “i” and the straights on the “t”.

Let me tell upfront that to simplify the discussion I will speak of emulsions, but the same considerations hold, mutatis mutandis to dispersions as well.

In my  articles I have  often made reference to the “thermodynamic stability” of emulsions, which seems to have raised controversy, debate, chastising from academics who maybe did not read (or understand) what I wrote. Apparently just stopped at the initial words, and shouted at me: “how do you dare to speak of emulsions and do not know that emulsions are thermodynamically unstable”. Before putting my fingers on someone else, I accept that I may have been unclear in my statements, and I take the opportunity of this columns to amend my possible wrongdoings.

First let me reassure the readers of this note that I have been dealing long enough with ...