Specialty surfactants: a window of opportunity



Scientific advisory board of H&PC Today – Household and Personal Care Today (TKS Publisher)

Over the years I have made repeated references to the unique features of surfactants, to the possibility of using them to solve challenging industrial issues and as such to enjoy the financial benefits of a “specialty” situation.  

A few examples are:

  • The enhanced performance of crop protection actives (with obvious ecotoxicological advantages)
  • The improved safety in mining (explosives in emulsion)
  • The permanent elimination of static electricity from the surfaces of thermoplastic articles

And I do not include in the list the benefits of compatibilising immiscible substances which has innumerable applications, from pharmaceutical preparations to personal care to cleaning to lubrication to VOC reduction in paints and coatings up to the most futuristic use in devices for the detection of neutrinos.

In my quest for the unusual applications of surface active agents I stepped on the subject of material separation, beyond the classical flotation processes.

Solid filter membranes retain particles larger than ...