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Chemi SpA is glad to introduce its branch Chemi Peptides dedicated to “Custom Manufacturing” for the production of pharmaceutical Peptides from development up to commercial scale.
Chemi Peptides built a long-term experience in Peptides development and production, mainly focused on generic peptides, for supporting companies involved in peptides development.
Chemi Peptides is able to offer the maximum support, promptly and at competitive costs, for all the development stages of peptide projects.
Started in year 2000, Chemi owns and operates a Manufacturing Site located close to Milano dedicated to Peptides. The Manufacturing Site is regularly inspected by FDA and judged acceptable without any remarks (no 483 form issued)
A full scale production plant in Patrica (Rome) is operative since mid-2012, allowing Chemi to increase the production volume and target new Peptides.


PRE-GMP development