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Chemicals management and Brexit


José V. Cantavella Cabedo

Attorney at Law-Environmental & Chemicals
Head of Legal dept.
ChemSafe Srl


Another brief and quick view of the Chemicals Management Regulation evolution Worldwide. In this article you will find how making a “copy and paste” of EU REACH Regulation is not so easy to do, as each chemical management system has its own and unique characteristics. Also a brief practical explanation of what Brexit and article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty are.



US State of Washington DoE (Department of Ecology) has initiated a new rulemaking to add 21 chemicals to its CHCC (Chemicals of High Concern) List under the state’s CSPRR (Children’s Safe Products Reporting Rule). The new rule is expected to be adopted next September and will require manufacturers to report on all CHCCs (applies to both existing and new chemicals) by the end of January 2019.

US EPA Director of the OPPT (Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics) says that the new TSCA pre-prioritisation process will afford a great opportunity for the chemicals industry to earlier determine whether it should pursue safer alternatives for substances of potential concern.
The priorit ...

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