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Chocolate indulgence for everyone!



Barry Callebaut Belgium, Aalstersestraat 122, Wieze, 9280, Belgium

A healthy treat with natural ingredients and exquisite taste is what consumers are looking for! The demand for products free from certain ingredients is rising rapidly. With its ‘free-from’ range and alternative sweetener solutions Barry Callebaut now truly satisfies all kinds of consumer wishes.

Barry Callebaut’s Sweet by Fruits™ chocolate is sweetened by all natural sugars, derived entirely from fruits. The innovative aspect of Sweet by Fruits™ incorporates the entire complex sugar profile of selected fruits. By nature, fruits contain different sugars including glucose, fructose, sucrose, polyols and other complex sugars. Whereas for existing fructose chocolate, the fructose is isolated and purified, Barry Callebaut uses for its Sweet by Fruits™ chocolate the entire sugar profile of for example apples and grapes. The resulting chocolate blends are thus 100 percent made from natural sources and have sweet tastes identical to Barry Callebaut’s celebrated high-quality chocolate blends sweetened with refined sugars.
The Barry Callebaut range of alternative sweetener solutions is, however, more e ...

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