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Clariant: a new brand image for a new perspective


In a few days, less than a week, we met Clariant twice: first at the SEPAWA Congress in Germany, then at the AOCS World Conference on Fabric and Home Care in Singapore. Clariant showed up with a brand new image, a new logo, a new presentation paper – indeed quite a significant change for a company that has been in the business globally for decades and that is rooted in the very history of chemistry.
 Coming up with a new image means much more than a brand change. It means setting new goals, new horizons, new perspectives. We were introduced to the sense of this process in Singapore by Michael Willome, Vice President and General Manager, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (ICS). Michael has achieved his current position in 2010 after a career that, starting in Europe, has seen him travel the world touching Asia, the Middle East, Canada. Michael's very own work experience shows us already the vision of a company like Clariant, which, like many others, had to face increa ...

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