Collaboration is key to successful resilient supply chains – Lessons from the Pandemic


BioPhorum Supply Partner Phorum Lead, United Kingdom


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all parts of the supply chain and the focus on developing vaccines has resulted in further pressure on already stretched lead times and material availability. The challenges of demand vs. supply have never been greater, especially for single-use items. Industry has responded with a colossal effort to rapidly develop multiple vaccines while delivering existing medicines – this could not have been achieved without collaboration. Here we discuss the most critical supply chain issues and how subject matter experts from across industry are coming together to do everything from responding to regulators and sharing solutions to common problems, to improving long-range planning and communicating short- and long-term needs.


It is often hard to comprehend just how much the pandemic has challenged the biopharmaceutical in-bound supply chain – and how far industry has progressed to overcome its challenges.


Initially, lockdown requirements disrupted the movement of goods and material availability throughout the supply chain, including its sub-tiers. This was quickly followed by co ...