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Collagen supplements: do they work? – A science based review

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There is a strong interest in collagen supplements as recent basic and clinical scientific advancements have accumulated evidence for the essential role of collagen in the health of connective tissues such as joints, skin dermis, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Collagen holds great promise as a key ingredient applicable to a wide spectrum of consumers, from the young adult to the middle aged on through the senior population. The focus of an older population is on optimal aging and mitigating degenerative processes, while younger consumers are interested in preventing sport-related injuries to maintain an active lifestyle. Despite its great potential, the consumer and marketers are confused about scientific distinction of collagen ingredients. This review provides a science-based comparison of collagen ingredients based upon their molecular nature and composition, which strongly affects their bioavailability, biological properties, and clinical efficacy.

Although many collagen supplements are available, collagen as an ingredient can be classified into several groups depending upon its type ...

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