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Panel discussion on Hair Care – Commentary article


Intellebio LLC


Several experts were invited to discuss trends and relevant aspects of Hair Care. Topics and highlights of the panel discussion are summarized below.

Topics of the discussion

Following topics relevant to the current hair care trends and product development were discussed in detail: sustainability/biodegradability; mitigation of the environmental and hair dyes related damage with innovative, efficacious and sustainable solutions; efficacy evaluations of finished products; microbiome of the scalp; urbanization-driven desire for products that can withstand pollution, humidity, and the dry air; simplicity/convenience trend; products inspired by “beauty-from-within” concept, eco-conscious and high performing hair styling products, hair care market/trends in the Americas.


Hair care produces the largest carbon footprint in comparison to other personal care products, e.g. skincare and makeup. Panelists pointed out that today’s environmentally conscious consumers are interested in the end-use benefits of the products, while expecting brands to be accountable for their manufacturing practices, provide transparency and reduce their carbon footprint. To meet these demands manufacturers are developing innovative and more ...

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