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Panel Discussion on Personalized nutrition and free from market – Commentary article

Nudging personalised nutrition into the mainstream - perspectives from stakeholders on the ground

Personalised nutrition has risen to become one of the hottest topics and consumer trends. Driven by increasing use of affordable technology, consumer interest in health and wellness and media coverage, this trend is not about to end soon. However, recent company closures, mergers and acquisitions demonstrate the state of flux the industry is in after a few years of rapid growth. Despite this, it is clear from interviews with experts and business owners that a few common themes are emerging.


Whilst there is no agreed scientific definition of personalised nutrition per se, there is a general agreement that it is an emerging science, and not quite mainstream as yet, owing to a lack of understanding what personalised nutrition entails and a lack of scientific evidence.

With this in mind, and the ample of unknowns, it is crucial for all stakeholders in the industry to be transparent about the state of play in the science in order to manage consumer expectations and build trust. The common understanding with a move to

self- ...

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