Panel Discussion on Testing – Commentary article



Gematria Test Lab GmbH, Germany

Safety and efficacy tests - challenges and opportunities for new product development

Safety and efficacy studies are important steps in the process of cosmetic product development. 

They are time-consuming investments not only to obey to regulatory requirements, but also to create a competitive advantage.

Of course, there are many different levels in a product development process that include testing of product stability, microbiological safety, galenical properties, discoloration, compatibility among actives, and many more.

After the development phase, the safety and efficacy testing start. There are currently 60 in vitro methods for toxicity testing approved by global regulators. 

The choice of the appropriate tests for each specific product, following the regulatory demands and, at the same time, satisfying the customer’s expectations and marketing trends, is a common challenge among all producers of finished cosmetic products and raw materials, in all kind of development steps.