Consumer values drive B2B branding efforts along the entire supply chain


MarketChemica, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board – Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today


VIRIDISOL®, ecoXTRACT® and GreenFlame® are examples of B2B brands launched in 2018 supporting the use of biobased products in growing B2C sustainability markets. These B2B brands are in alignment with the B2C brands. The article proposes that identifying upfront the positioning of B2C brands is a critical factor in the B2B branding effort. This long-term approach supersedes gyrating circumstances in the environment of business.


Sustainability as Macroeconomic Opportunity

Sustainability is anchored in societal fundamental values and not driven by topical politics (Figure 1). It is a long-term business driver resulting from the coordinated efforts of many stakeholders.

Academia is preoccupied by definition with the application of the scientific method to uncover immutable laws of nature. These discoveries inform however not only the scientific community but also public opinion at large and government policies. It takes a long time to distil scientific facts in societal values held dear by engaged citizens. While sustainability emerged as a priority in the late 20th century (1), the build up to becoming a priority on the UN agenda has its roots in the post WWII transition to a service economy that was predicted more than a half a century ago (2). The vast majority of the electorate around the world has now internalized sustainability as a fundamental value and uses it as a behavioural norm. 

Electorate is at the same time the workforce. It is only normal that these values have ...