Cosmetic, aerosol and premium drinks, a winning mix in Paris


Auvergne University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Clermont-Ferrand, France


The PCD ADF fair was held in Paris at the end of January and this year it was joined by the PDL part, premium packaging for drinks and have brought together more than 10,000 people, a successful edition.
A brief overview of the highlights and the main elements emphasizes that sustainability and digital remain major tendencies with a design approach ‘one step further’ from existing products.

Definitely, the group EasyFairs has established ADF&PCD and PLD as an unavoidable event dedicated to aerosol, dispensing, perfume, luxury drinks & cosmetic packaging.  There are more than 10 000 attendees during two days, 650 booths (140 new one this year), various conferences across 4 theaters, awards ceremonies for ADF and PCD and thematic guided tours (1). So much to do and to learn, during that key packaging event that takes place in Paris at the end of January 2020. Let’s have a short overview.

At first it should not be forgotten -referring on key figures for 2018- that the value of the global cosmetics market was 507.8 Bn $ US and was projected to 758.4 bn $ US by 2025. A good health for this sector and, in 2018, a rise of 5.5% compared to 2017; ten years ago the same global cosmetics and personal-care market rose 1% (2009 versus 2019) (2). Luxury and skin-care remain particularly performant, as well as fragrance world that multiplies innovations thanks also to packaging (much more than simple container). A pack that integrate a design value with multiple clever adaptations (both products and users) and where the seduc ...