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How companies are reacting to COVID-19


The so called Covid 19 Age is a high demanding challenge for the industry right now. Economy, however, meant in our case as research, innovation, production, must go on: surely with different perspectives, new models of organization, new ideas. It is a big challenge. But it is also a big opportunity for a radical, positive change in our societies and environment. In this occasion we have thought to give our readers the chance to learn more on this situation from our community and give the community the opportunity to get more engaged in our communication. In this mood, we are asking, through short interviews, our network of companies, authors, colleagues, their opinion on the actual crisis and what they are doing to face it.

List of participants

Massimo Valente, CEO, Complife Group

Stefania Barzanti, Marketing Manager and Business Development Extra-Pharma, IMA Active

Bernardo Medeiros, General Manager, Lubrizol Life Science, Beauty & Home

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing, Omya International AG
Rosella Malanchin, CEO, ROELMI HPC

Shaheen Majeed, President, Sabinsa

Albert Jané, CEO, COO and co-founder, Vytrus Biotech

Andreas Maier, Head of Business Unit Care Chemicals, Weylchem

Sabina Giovannini, Managing Director, Zurko Research


CEO, Complife Group


What is the biggest challenge you have been facing in these days?
It’s hard to give a single answer. ...

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