COVID-19 driving demand for sports nutrition products


Head of Research and Insight, FMCG GURUS

COVID-19 is something that has fundamentally changed the way that consumers think about their health. Indeed, FMCG Gurus research conducted in 2021 shows that reactions to the spread of the pandemic was not a knee-jerk reaction and instead, consumers continue to be highly conscious about their health as the pandemic slowly passes. FMCG Gurus research for instance shows that in February 2021, a total of 65% of global consumers said that they had become more conscious about their immune system as a result of the virus, whilst 76% say that they plan to eat and drink more healthily. In July 2020, these figures were 64% and 83% respectively. Moreover, 41% of consumers in February 2021 stated that they would engage in more physical activity after the pandemic has passed, compared to 44% who said this seven months earlier. This shows that commitments to improve health and wellness are sustained, something that will drive demand for products that help facilitate this. In all of these instances, this is something that will increase demand for sports nutrition products to help facilitate health goals.


In recent years, the sports nutrition market has become increasin ...