A biological response modifier glucan based dietary supplement approach to combat illnesses, including COVID-19, due to immune weakness


Nichi Glucan, Japan

The immune system functions to fight against foreign pathogens and cancer cell formation by constant surveillance mechanisms which when become weak, makes the person prone to infection or cancer development. The causes of immune system dysfunction or decline are multifactorial. It can be genetic as in Inherited immune dysfunctions or primary immune-deficiency, or age related in the elderly, which combined with constant inflammation is termed as “Inflammaging”. Chemotherapy for cancer also adversely affects the immune system. Imai et al., in a study of 11 years follow-up (1) have proven that, when a person’s immune system is weak, reflected by declined cytotoxicity, which is the ability to tackle pathogens or cancer, their risk of developing cancer becomes higher. Many subjects in their study, who had lower cytotoxicity developed cancer during the follow-up period.


It is evident that the immune system needs to be at its optimal strength for an effective protection to the individual from falling prey to either pathogens related infections or developing cancer. For a constant maintenance of the strength of the immune system, several immune-boosting supp ...