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A hundred years of history and continuous growth in the pursuit of excellence. This is the milestone proudly reached in 2021 by Indena – Industria Derivati Naturali – the Italian company founded and based in Milan, which is today acknowledged as international leader in the sector of botanical active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It was the intuition and entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Boccaccio Inverni and Biagio Alberto Della Beffa which created the company, initially named Inverni Della Beffa, then Indena. Thanks to their revolutionary approach to the medicinal plants sector, modern industrial vision and a profound scientific approach, the company immediately had a relevant impact on the market.

“Our 100 years journey has taken us to be protagonists on markets around the world, a matter of great pride for an Italian company, still today led by our family – declares Indena President Biagio Della Beffa, son of Luigi and grandson of the founder – Indena is renowned for the high dedication to quality and science, its continuous investment in product innovation, pione ...