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CRODA Home Care – launches novel additive for Fabrics Full of life



A new fabric conditioning additive from Croda Home Care promises fabrics full of life thanks to its innovative biopolymer technology. Coltide™ Radiance is proven to protect against colour fade, greying of whites, as well as damage to fabrics and fibres, resulting in clothes looking newer and more radiant for longer. What’s more, all these benefits are gained at very low inclusion levels, making Coltide Radiance extremely cost-effective in use.

Colour Protection
Coltide Radiance gives visibly and quantitatively improved retention of colour compared to garments washed without Coltide Radiance (Image 1).

The improved colour retention when using Coltide Radiance was quantified at 26-27% after 5 and 10 washes compared to the control. Improved colour retention was seen after only one wash (Figure 1).

Reduced Greying
Coltide Radiance showed an outstanding improvement in fabric whiteness when tested on a range of fabrics and garments (Figure 2).

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