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Daniel Mink, Rinus Broxterman, André de Vries – Innosyn


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A new star in the chemistry heavens: InnoSyn 


InnoSyn BV is a newly founded company in chemical process R&D: please, tell us about this company.

As part of a restructuring of Royal DSM’s R&D activities, DSM Innovative Synthesis, which was a business unit of DSM Chemical Technology R&D B.V., has - per May 01, 2017 - become an independent company, named InnoSyn B.V.
InnoSyn BV - based on the people, competences and assets of DSM Innovative Synthesis - already has a long track record of delivering high end chemical process R&D services to its customers (from lab scale, pilot scale all the way to implementation on industrial scale e.g. at customer facilities). As an independent company InnoSyn BV will become an innovative partner for customers using state-of-the-art-technology in the R&D for new and existing chemical processes.

This interview is with three key representatives of the company, what are your roles?< ... ...

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