Decoding deep sea magnesium & minerals for skin health


*Corresponding author
1.Oriel Marine Research & Development, Ireland
2. Dublin City University School of Health & Human Performance, Ireland
3. Independent Consultant Cosmetic Chemistry, United Kingdom


Nutrient poor diets implicated as major contributing factors to many inflammatory skin conditions have contributed to industries looking to the use of trace minerals, with limited success, due to the form, bioavailability and bio-functionality. This study utilises a unique free ion form of Deep Sea Magnesium and Trace Minerals harvested through organic, sustainable methods. These results challenge ideas fundamental to skin health and aging well. Utilising advanced in vitro dermal organotypic modelling of 3D human skin and employing integrative cell and molecular biology techniques we demonstrate Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium Mineral Complex to have potent cell health and functional benefits, including the regulation of genes involved in Dynamic Reciprocity and Tensegrity of the dermis, improving hydration and barrier function.


It has been well documented and acknowledged from ancient days, that mineral rich sea and natural/thermal spring water have important restorative and regenerative properties for establishing and maintaining human health. In addition, natural forms of mineralised clay and mud also have been clearly demonstrated to have major health benefits, either through geophagy and/or pelotherapy. The Suśruta-saṃhitā texts from the 1st millennia BCE, to the studies and teachings of noted ancient Greek and Roman physicians such as Hippocrates, Plinio and Galen all acknowledge the medicinal properties of natural minerals. Indeed Irish mythology and literature such as Táin Bó Cúailnge tell of the association between water and healing. It was supposed, according to earliest belief, to wash away both disease and physical afflictions and to purify and renew the skin and body. Dian Cécht, the Celtic God of Healing, ministered to the injured by soaking them in the Well Of Healing “Slainge’s Well” (Tiprait Slainge or Tipra Sláíne). More recently, the pioneering work of Morison and Tulloch during ...