Design, digital and beauty world, a winning mix


Auvergne University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Clermont-Ferrand, France


The text presents a short overview of innovative trends in cosmetics sector, with a specific focus on design showing some examples of packaging systems and the digital’s integration in beauty world.


A cosmetic is mainly defined as ‘a product in contact with the external parts of human body (or with teeth or a mucous membrane of oral cavity) with a view to cleaning, perfuming,  protecting, changing their appearance, keeping them in good conditions or correcting body odors’. It presents no specific properties for treating or preventing a disease, at the clear difference of the drug form (1). Multiple rules are presented on beauty target and after the REACH (2) and the CLP (3); the European Regulation 2013 CE 655 has introduced a common criteria  for all cosmetic products with a single regulation offering a strengthened safety requirement; the concept of ‘responsible person’; an obligation to report serious adverse events; and at least various rules on the use of nanomaterials (4, 5). Numerous annexes have shown a large list of substances prohibited (1328 substances in Annex II) or restricted (256 substances in Annex III) (6). Definitely, with fewer authorized preservatives (Annex V), a ...