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Selfies undisguised


IKW, Germany


The second in-depth psychological-representative study by Lönneker & Imdahl rheingold salon on behalf of IKW deals with the phenomenon of selfies and asks why young people take selfies and why a whole generation defines itself through selfies. Why are young people on the one hand embarrassed by selfies and why do they make an enormous effort, on the other hand, for the perfect picture to be created at the end of the day? 

We have already learnt from the first IKW youth study that young people likewise experience sort of a loss of control on a social and familial level. To counter this uncertain basic feeling, young people try to strengthen their self-confidence and regain control over their own life. To this effect, they develop their very own strategies.

85% of the young people take selfies. However, only 27% admit that selfies have a central significance for them. The in-depth psychological survey brings the whole truth to light: for most of them, selfie making is first embarrassing. Therefore they reinterpret the pictures by stating “I do not take selfies, these are portraits.”

The secrets of selfie mania have been decoded by IKW in co-operation with Lönneker & Imdahl rheingold salon in an in-depth psychological-representative study. Adolescents and young adults aged between 14 and 21 years were again placed on the couch after the large IKW youth study “Youth undisguised” in 2016. The results were then underpinned in a representative manner by a national online survey.

The study shows in an undisguised and open manner why young people can sometimes hardly live without selfies, how a whole generation defines itself through selfies, the codes they use and how much they are in love with themselves. The Generation Selfie controls every single picture down to the slightest detail, and experiences itself mainly in a flashback. Decorative cosmetics and makeup are imp ...

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