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Designing (Neuro) cosmetics for healthy mind, healthy body

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HCD Research, Flemington, USA

What are neurocosmetics? Put most simply, they are non-toxic, bio-active topical cosmetic products containing ingredients designed to work on a neurological level. Targeting the interactions between the skin and nervous system for skin health and aging.

Neurocosmetics is most commonly being used in anti-aging products. They are found to be capable of producing a noticeable feeling of a smoother, more radiant, healthier, and less wrinkled skin. Of particular note here is the “feeling” of the improvement. While of course importance is still placed on the physical effectiveness of a product, the perception and psychology around using the product is a large target. More and more often, clients are asking that we help investigate ways to drive this perceptual change in consumers.

Psychology and emotion have become targets in skin care led by the consumers changing their perception of beauty and increasingly looking for holistic approaches over quick-fixes and cover-ups.

Savvy brands are pushing the limits of traditional cosmetics and formulating skin solutions that fight stress AND ageing, for example. The en ...

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