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Development of flavour market towards Natural


Business Development Manager Naturals
Firmenich Flavours

Natural has become the most important driver in food and drink with one product out of three launched globally offering a Naturalclaim. It is a key expectation from consumers that is found across all new products, as a way to reinforce Health and Wellbeing andAuthenticity perception.In Firmenich’s global prospective tool TRENZ®, which aims to forecast and inspire new product development, it is interesting to seethe evolution of the “Nature” trend. Eco-lifestyle has gained signifi cant momentum, with a strong desire to reconnect personally withnature. Consumers go green taking ecological issues into account when making purchase decisions. Nature is idealized, almostmagical - a source of escapism. There is a shared urgency to secure our future and that of our children, and to deviseglobal solutions to preserve Mother Earth and live in harmony in a sustainable world.


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