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A natural alternative to artificial food preservatives

*Corresponding author
Poznan University of Life Sciences
Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition
Wojska Polskiego 28 Poznan, 60-637, Poland


The paper described how the concept of the electronic nose (e-nose) has been developing since 1982. Theidea of the e-nose is presented in details, especially considering electronic chemical sensors in relation to human olfactoryreceptors. The e-nose and human nose are compared. However the less sensitive and less selective e-nose enables morereproducible measurements. Based on literature various applications of the e-nose are presented in food evaluation (grain,dairy products, meat, alcoholic beverages, oils, herbs and vegetables). A similarity between the e-nose and human noseresults was stated. Despite the main drawback of the e-nose, as it das not describe the character of flavour, it can be utilized for routine product control and sometimes replace sensory analysis.


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