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Development of functional buttermilk by soluble fibre fortification



*Corresponding Author

Department of Dairy and Food Technology, Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy and Food Technology, Mehsana, Gujarat-384002, India


Buttermilk has a potential to become a daily diet drink at global level due to its high nutritive value and ease of production process. In present study, novel buttermilk beverage was developed using fibre fortification. Acidity, pH, viscosity, whey separation and sensory properties were studied. Fortification with fibre (1-5%) showed non-significant changes in buttermilk acidity and pH. Phase separation was lowest and viscosity was highest in buttermilk sample with 5% fibre. Buttermilk samples were also evaluated for their sensory characteristics including color and appearance, body and mouthfeel, flavor and overall acceptability. Samples with 4% fibre level obtained the highest scores in the sensory evaluation. The viscosity of the buttermilk samples increased proportionally with the levels of fibre fortification. Soluble dietary fibre fortification at 4% level in buttermilk improved nutritive, physicochemical and desirable sensory characteristics.


Functional foods are the products that resemble traditional foods but possessed demonstrated physiological benefits due to presence of some bioactive components (1). Milk and dairy products have been an important part of human diet from ancient times in many parts of world (2). Indian buttermilk also known as Chhash is well known fermented dairy product in the Asian countries and forms an important element of diet. From ancient times in India, buttermilk is consumed towards the end of the meal and the meal is considered incomplete without it. In Northern states of India, sweetened buttermilk is consumed and is generally known as lassi. The beneficial aspects of yoghurt and other fermented dairy products are well documented in the literature (3). Therapeutic properties of buttermilk are well known hence it is used in several of Ayurvedic formulations which is a traditional Indian medicinal system (4). Traditionally, buttermilk is prepared from curd or dahi. Curd is churned to separate white butter and after separation of butter, the while liquid left is known as buttermilk. Buttermilk is similar in composition with skim milk but more nutr ...

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