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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

The 2.0 Full Spectrum Hyaluronans Technology to improve bioavailability and efficacy performance

Functional hydrocolloids from seaweeds

Development of a high-protein, plant-based beverage by using an innovative combination of mashing and fermentation

Proper nutrition against the health effects of air pollution

Development of functional buttermilk by soluble fibre fortification

The longer term effects of diet on the human brain

Sodium / potassium relationship in biofortified cucumber

Complex foods versus functional foods, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements: differential health impact (Part 2)

Complex foods versus functional foods, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements:
differential health impact (Part 1)

Modulation of platelet function with dietary polyphenols
A promising strategy in the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Anti-obesity and anti-diabetic
effects of allenic carotenoid,

Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan
decreases upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and improves psychological wellbeing in moderate to highly-stressed subjects

Preparation of Chinese herbal oral liquid for alleviation of drunkenness

Antioxidant properties of oleanolic acid from grape peel

Nutritional, food andenergy value of Perilla frutescens: an underutilised traditional oilseedcrop of Western Himalaya, India

Flaxseed: a nutrition booster and its role in quality of food

Sensory properties of sausage fortified by kitaibelia vitifolia extract

In-vitro antioxidant properties of different varieties of mushrooms grown on rice grains

Curcumin’s therapeutic properties in disease prevention

Vitamin D bread could help solve insufficiency problem

New product development for functional foods Focusing on mega-trends to increase consumer acceptance

Donkey milk:a new functional food A nutrilipidomic approach for human health

Orange sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A

Nuts for prevention and management of heart disease and diabetes

Passion fruit extract in osteoarthritis symptom treatment

Hypolipidemic activity of the lipids from Clanis bilineata (Lepidoptera), an edible insect

Cereals and chronic disease risk

Herbal ingredients – The solution to innovate in health and nutrition

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