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Preparation of Chinese herbal oral liquid for alleviation of drunkenness


*Corresponding author
College of Life Science, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, China


Two animal tests on mice were conducted – righting reflex test to observe the effect of herbal extracts on drunk rate, drunk latent time and sober up time, and blood alcohol content test using head-space gas chromatography method to measure the effect of herbal extracts on alcohol metabolism rate. By the means of optimizing experimental condition, the best composition of the compound oral liquid in terms of volume ratio of Honeysuckle flower extract : Kudzu vine flower extract : honey solution : citric acid solution is 3 : 7 : 0.2 : 0.01. This compound oral liquid developed has a unique taste with effect of drunkenness alleviation and long term health benefits, and thus can be applied in industrial production.


Excessive drinking damages body function and causes health problems such as fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, etc. In severe cases, it may lead to shock or even brain death. Therefore, research on finding an effective oral liquid which prevents drunkenness has socially applicable value.
Honeysuckle is a half-evergreen perennial plant belongs to the family of caprifoliaceae (1). One of the main chemical constituents in the extract of flowers of Honeysuckle is chlorogenic acid which promotes bile secretion (2-3). Triterpenoid saponin in the extract also shows significant protective effect on liver (4-5). With the effects of promoting bile secretion and protecting the liver, flowers of Honeysuckle has been commonly applied for medical purposes (6). Research has also shown that extract from honeysuckle flower induces immune tolerance thus can be used as immunosuppressant (7-8). This protects transplanted organs hence can be used to avoid transplant rejection in organ transplantation. Furthermore, modern pharmacology experiments and clinical practices all show that honeysuckle flower has antibiosis function towards various bacteria (9-14) ...

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