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Direct thermal extraction of aroma compounds from edible oils
using boiling point selective PTV transfer


Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Albert-Hahn-Str. 6-10, Duisburg, Germany

The determination of aroma compounds in edible oilusing GCMS technique usually needs samplepreparation beforehand. The sample preparationsteps usually contain steam distillation and dilutionbefore injection of the extract into a GC inlet, normallya split/splitless injector. Due to the demand for savingof time and effort in sample preparation steps, there isa need for alternative automated procedures. A different approach to extraction of the volatile andsemivolatile components could be thermal extraction,thereby eliminating the preparation steps mentionedabove. However, the maximum temperature used inmethods such as headspace sampling is limited andsemivolatile compounds remain partly in the edible oilmatrix resulting in a lower sensitivity. In order to alsoextract semivolatile compounds thermally whilekeeping most of the high boiling matrix parts off theanalytical column, the sample has to be placed into adevice which allows flexible temperature and splitprogramming. This can be achieved with a PTVinjector. To retain the unwanted high boiling matrixcompounds a cup was placed into the liner.