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Effective testing



Campden BRI, Chipping Campden, United Kingdom

In a previous column I discussed the concepts of risk communication and situational awareness (Risk communication, modern informatics and situational awareness). One of the most significant pieces of risk-related information that can be communicated within a food business is analytical test data. Using the vocabulary of situational awareness, analytical data represent observations which assist a business to orient itself to circumstances so that it can decide how to act. Clearly, if the data are incorrect or the processes used to interpret them defective, it is probable that a business will orient itself incorrectly and make the wrong decisions with the consequent actions being detrimental to itself and potentially its customers. Using situational awareness as a starting point, I now wish to discuss some of the principles relating to the commissioning of analytical tests as well as some of the factors that contribute to successful use of test data, particularly within the context of modern food safety management systems. Testing itself forms part of the inspection component of the quality paradigm described by Ishikawa and to have an effective ...

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