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Capua Bioservices turns one in these days as an independent company – we remind our readers that just about a year ago the company was divested by Patheon: what were the most significant events of the past year?
In 2014 the wind of change started to blow, first initiated by the merger of DSM Pharmaceutical Products and Patheon in 2014. Followed by the acquisition by the Livia group, a German-based industrial holding, end of July 2015. This date marked the biggest change; navigating from a corporate multinational environment to a true entrepreneurial stand-alone setting!
The most significant events of the past year are completion of all carve out activities along the different business processes. We have also established our own corporate identity; we launched our new company brand supported by a new website. Most significantly, in parallel to all carve-out activities we have set course towards a record growth already within the first year as a stand-alone company.
We have successfully c ...

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