EMA relocation: a case of politics and technical dossiers

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Carlo Buonamico
Tks Publisher

Marco Greco, EPF President


The transfer of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) from London to Amsterdam has been decided by the European Commission on November 20 2017, yet it still prompts strong discussions.

Apparently, the building that should welcome the 900 EMA staff members will not be ready by 29 March 2019, the official date for the United Kingdom to formally and operatively separate from the UE. The same date for moving applies to another key EU authority, the European Bank Authority (EBA).

The major concern is about safeguarding continuity of EMA’s operations in certain key activities, like evaluating new drug application dossiers, analysing new drug indications and carrying out effective pharmacovigilance. These activities are key to ensuring, on one hand, access to medicines to patients and, on the other hand, support the business of pharmaceutical companies, which could be im ... ...