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Epidermal jetlag


*Corresponding author
RAHN AG, Zürich, Switzerland


We all have a master clock located in our brains. The preprogramed circadian rhythm is activated when our eyes perceive the blue light part of the light spectrum. With the help of certain clock genes such as CLOCK, ARNTL, PER and CRY, our circadian rhythm regulates all the clocks of our body and its organs. If this rhythm is disturbed, what occurs is similar to jet lag. Even our skin suffers from jetlag induced by long distance travel, long working days, usage of blue light-emitting media or UV light exposure that causes additional damage to the skin barrier and cellular DNA.
We here describe the best way to recalibrate the biorhythm of our skin thanks to two powerful circadian antioxidants (1) obtained from rice and rosemary. By supporting the master genes of the epidermal clock, the cosmetic active ingredient (CE) immediately strengthens the skin barrier, increases moisture and eliminates redness.


The circadian biorhythm

Since life developed on Earth, it has always had to deal with the day and night cycle and already the earliest life forms even developed strategies to benefit from this (2). Motile algae, for example position themselves closer to the water surface to optimize their photosynthesis and sink down in the night to recover from light stress (3). So they, in effect, sleep, as does every higher life form in a defined biorhythm, called the circadian rhythm. The term circadian is derived from the Latin words circa and dies, which translates as “about a day”.

It is the sun that controls the behaviour of all creatures that have a diurnal lifestyle. As soon as sunlight hits the eye, the brain of diurnal animals and humans will stop the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin. Instead, daytime hormones like serotonin, adrenalin, cortisol and testosterone are released. Blood pressure rises and we become active.
When the sun sets and it becomes dark, ... ...

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