SILTECH – Silsurf® Di-T108


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Silsurf® Di-T108 is an innovative sulfate-free mild surfactant from Siltech. The product provides luxurious foam and cleansing similar to sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Silsurf® Di-T108 is water soluble and ideal for use in shampoos and body washes. The product renders detergency and conditioning and elicits a high level of rich, uniform foam.

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SLES is often used in the personal care industry as a foaming and cleansing agent.  Consumers typically relate foaming level to cleansing property.  A sulfate containing shampoo (FH195 Control, utilizing SLES) and a sulfate-free shampoo (FH195, utilizing Silsurf® Di-T108) were formulated and at active loadings of 5.0%.  Foam height and conditioning properties of both formulations were evaluated.



The foam properties of shampoo with Silsurf® Di-T108 compare favorably to the foam properties for shampoo with SLES in terms of height as outlined in Table I. The scale for foam height evaluation is 100mL to 1000mL, where 1000mL of foam equals outstanding foaming character while 100mL of foam corr ... ...