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STRATUM NUTRITION – NEM® brand Eggshell Membrane
The Natural Choice and Fast Acting Solution for Joint Health


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Maintaining strong joint function throughout life is a global health goal. In Europe, a recent survey reported that 38% of individuals over 18 are concerned about the health of their joints, making it the number one health concern. Wear and tear on aging joints along with the joint stress caused by obesity or injury all contribute to the increasing risk of developing joint dysfunction sufficient enough to impact daily activities.

Over-the-counter pharmaceutical pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are the most common treatments for joint pain and stiffness, but these are not ideal for long-term management and are only effective after symptoms appear. They can also damage the gastrointestinal lining, increasing the risk for GI bleeding. As a result, a growing number of individuals have opted for a proactive and more natural ...

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