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INDENA – Respiratory health: The role of quercetin, the queen of flavonoids, and the new solution of INDENA QUERCEFIT

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Respiratory health is among the main fields of application of QuercefitTM, the Indena quercetin formulated with Phytosome® delivery system.

As a matter of fact, quercetin is able to act as a modulator for: immune cells, such as lymphocytes; the release of interferon-γ (IFN- γ); the activity of eosinophils; the stabilization of cell membranes, managing release of histamine from mast cells, a  possible cause of sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and itchy skin; antibody IgE release, generally related to allergic conditions in the nose, lung, throat, and skin.

All these positive evidences support the promising use of quercetin for respiratory health. Additional ...

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