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Esteve Química, second site in China,fully operative in 2011

The second site of Esteve Química in China that was inaugurated on October 2010, hasbecome fully operative during this year 2011. This plant is devoted to the manufacturing of advancedintermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.A major milestone was achieved also on October, 2010, when its first plant in China, Zhejiang Huayi,Pharmaceutical (ZHP), was audited and approved by the FDA. The good job performed by ZHPtechnicians and the solid implementation of the quality system resulted in a great success for the group inChina. The new 40,000 m2 built up plant, in a 80,000 m2 area, featuring a workforce of 125 highly qualifiedprofessionals and a production volume of 160 m3, has involved an investment of 40 million Euros and hasbecome ESTEVE’s most important centre in China. ...

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