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From supramolecular chirogenesis towards functional chiral materials

*Corresponding author
1. Osaka University Department of Applied Chemistry 2-1 Yamada-oka Suita, 565-0871, Japan
2. University of Toyama, 3190 Gofuku Toyama, 930-8555, Japan


This paper presents a succinct overview of recent advancesof our research groups in the field of supramolecularchirogenesis and consequent progress towards functionalchiral material. The phenomenon of supramolecularchirogenesis, which is a smart combination of supramolecularchemistry and chiral science, is demonstrated with one ofthe most representative structural motifs amongst chirogenicsystems on the basis of ethane-bridged bis-porphyrinoids,whilst further progress towards functional chiral material ismade upon chiral modification of metal surface that resultsin effective chiroptical applications including the asymmetric catalyst.


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