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Maurizio Silvestri, CEO and president
Mr. Silvestri graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies at “LaSapienza” University in Rome in 1979. His career started in 1979 at IndustrieFarmaceutiche Angelini as Junior Researcher. In 1980 he joined Bristol MyersSquibb where he spent 20 years, holding different positions in R&D, QualityControl, Quality Assurance and manufacturing of API and Drugs products. In1995 he became Vice President Italy of Technical Operations. In 1997 he heldthe position of Vice President Europe of Technical Operations. From 1999 to 2000he covered the position of Vice President International of Technical Operations.In 2001 joined Norpharma as Chief Executive Officer. Since 2002 he has beenworking for Euticals SpA. From 2000 to 2004 as Chief Operating Officer; from2005 to 2007 as Chief Executive Officer. Since 2008 he has been covering theposition of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.