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Sun care products. A word with the experts from leading companies

Today, in the field of sun protection formulators are challenged both by regulatory requirements and by consumer's requests to provide broad-spectrum formulations, which are safe and meet strict performance requirements have a high SPF value and provide UVA protection on one side and that are gentle on the skin, well spreadable, have a light texture, absorb quickly, and possess an attractive sensory profile on the other. Also the final price of a product is a factor, which should not disregarded.

Sun care products represent a peculiar class of cosmetic products (as they are classified in Europe), in that they provide a unique valuable preventive function against sun exposure mediate skin damage and skin cancer in used in the correct way.
H&PC Today decided to interview specialists of leading companies on their view on sunscreens, on formulation and asking them, which are the most relevant innovations their companies are offering to the market.

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