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LOGO sustainable cosmetics summit

The European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit ( brought together about 150 senior executives from the beauty industry to discuss sustainability issues. Hosted in Paris on 21-23rd November, major discussions were on sustainability best-practices, green ingredients, and the impact of new technologies.
Nikos Koutsianas, founder of Apivita, kicked off the summit with a keynote on the growing complexity of the sustainability challenge. Koutsianas stated the current financial crisis was a result of consumer excess and that lessons should be learnt from ancient Greece. Quoting Hippocrates: ‘everything in excess is opposed to nature’, Koutsianas encouraged cosmetic companies to use green formulations as they enabled customers to connect with nature.
A number of companies shared their experiences in implementing sustainability programmes. Inken Hollmann-Peters gave details of the Beiersdorf ‘We Care’ initiative. By 2020, the cosmetics company plans to reduce its product carbon footprint by 30%, generate half its sales from products that have a significantly reduced environmental footprint, and help give education to half a million children in developing countries. Hollmann-Peters stated the success of a sustainability programme hinges on top management commitment.
Similar views were expressed by Fiona Wheatley of Marks & Spencer. Five years after introducing its Plan A strategy, the company has met 94 of its initial 100 goals whilst recording nett benefits of over EUR 200 million. In the cosmetics arena, key challenges for the UK retailer are access to the Chinese market because of its animal-testing stance, as well as availability of sustainable palm oil and wild harvested materials.
The growing use of marine ingredients in cosmetic products was extensively discussed at the summit. Bloom Association urged cosmetic companies to scrutinise their squalene supply since the industry was the largest buyer of shark liver oil; Claire Nouvian believed many companies were unwittingly buying shark liver oil thinking the squalene was derived from plant materials. The German natural cosmetics brand Ocean Basis showed how algae can be cultivated in certified farms for cosmetic applications. In another paper, Heliae encouraged cosmetic companies to consider micro-algae materials because of their abundance supply. The American company is using marine biotechnology to develop algae-based cosmetic ingredients.
The major challenges faced by natural & organic beauty brands were covered in the marketing developments session. Organic Monitor stated brands need to raise their game as the competitive landscape was changing with many multinationals launching natural / organic lines. According to Simon Duffy of the UK brand Bulldog, third party accreditation was important to combat greenwashing that was rife in the industry. Another paper from Harriet Kingaby of Ogilvy Earth explained that truthful communications was at the heart of a successful social media strategy.
The impact of new technologies on the sustainable development of the cosmetics industry was featured in the final session. Apperian stated that mobile devices were changing the way beauty brands connect with consumers; using the example of Estee Lauder, he showed how interactive kiosks in retail outlets can undertake skin diagnostics and raise product sales. In her paper on biomimicry, Professor Monique Simmonds of Kew Royal Botanic Gardens called for cosmetic companies to innovate from nature, stating plants had a rich reservoir of actives as they had evolved over thousands of years. She believed the opportunities were endless considering a tiny percentage of plants were currently utilised for cosmetic raw materials.
The sustainability advantages of plant stem cell technology were highlighted by Dr. Roberto dal Toso of IRB. He showed how the environmental footprint of such actives was significantly lower then those derived from traditional methods. Dr. Fred Zülli, Mibelle Biochemistry, gave details of the PhytoCellTec technique, which can be used to source ingredients from rare plant species. Using the example of a rare old apple variety, Dr. Zülli showed how the technique promotes biodiversity and can protect rare species from extinction. In the final paper, Yogesh Solanki of CP Kelco highlighted the growing use of biopolymers as rheology modifiers in cosmetic formulations.
The European summit was the 10th edition of the international series of summits. It capped a successful year for the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, hosted in the major geographic regions of the world for the first time. By tackling ecological and ethical issues pertinent to each region, the summit aims to encourage sustainability in the cosmetics industry. Further editions are planned in 2013 for North America (New York, May), Latin America (Sao Paulo, September), Europe (Paris, October) and the Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, November).

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
The aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major sustainability issues in a high-level forum.
More information is available from

About Organic Monitor
Organic Monitor is a London-based specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. Since 2001, we have been providing a range of business services to operators in high-growth ethical & sustainable industries. Their services include market research publications, business & technical consulting, seminars & workshops, and sustainability summits.


in-cosmetics, Paris expo Porte de Versailles, April 16 – 18

in-cosmetics attendees 

The global personal care industry remains competitive despite the continued gloomy economic outlook. In 2011, for example, exports from the European market alone were worth €14.2 billion, with France topping the list and Germany, Italy and the UK not far behind. The US remains a dominant force and as big brands begin to invest in Asia, trends are now traversing regions and impacting on global new product developments.
In this scenario in-cosmetics 2013 will provide a perfect opportunity to debate, discuss and discover all the latest trends under one roof when it returns in April. The 2013 instalment will be hosted in Paris – the heart of France’s €12 billion beauty and personal care industry, and one of the world’s leading influencers of fashion and beauty trends.
With over 600 exhibitors expected and more stand space than ever before, already spanning 12,000m2, there will be ample opportunities to do business and network with thousands of industry professionals over the course of the three day event. Major industry players will be displaying their latest innovations and technologies and with just five months to go before the doors open, over 30 first-time exhibitors originating from countries including Greece, Israel, Taiwan and Turkey have already signed up.

Water in the spotlight
This year, H20 has been chosen as the show’s theme, which is particularly poignant as 2013 is the UN's International Year of Water Cooperation. To bring the theme to life, a special programme dedicated to H20 has been devised. It includes two panel discussions where brands such as L’Oréal and P&G will explore water and biology for skincare product formulation and the reduction of the industry’s water footprint. An H20 trail will also clearly signpost the exhibitors with H20 projects on their stands so that visitors can explore the latest ingredient launches, formulations and product concepts that use water innovatively as they make their way around the show.

Brand new targeted zones
Incorporating fragrance into cosmetic and personal care products poses multiple challenges including product stability, absorption and evaporation. In partnership with the Société Française des Parfumeurs(SFP), the Fragrance in Cosmetics Zone will provide an interactive platform for visitors to discover exhibitors’ new and exciting scents and ingredient launches.
As regulatory frameworks and testing criteria become increasingly more complex and differ from region to region, the need for expert advice has risen. The new Testing and Regulation Zone will house suppliers operating in these arenas and put them clearly on the map for the first time. Visitors will be able to talk to experts about the latest testing technologies and gain advice on regulatory issues to ensure their products meet standards in terms of quality, efficacy, safety and claim validation.
“With two brand new zones and a highly topical and industry-relevant show theme, in-cosmetics 2013 will bring together thousands of industry professionals from all four corners of the world,” comments Lucy Gillam, Event Director, in-cosmetics.

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Latest information

Exhibition and Conference


H3i is the only event in the UK that offers delegates access to a whole range of raw materials and ingredients as well as experts in formulations and formulation techniques for creating HI&I cleaning products.
H3i combines an exhibition, conference, presentations and formulation masterclasses to create an interactive forum dedicated to ingredients and services for the formulation and development of HI&I cleaning products.
H3i offers ideas, inspiration and technical answers for everyone involved in formulating cleaning products, enhance formulation techniques and bringing HI&I products to market. The H3i Exhibition, BACS Conference, TechFocus programme and Formulation Masterclasses combine to create a jam packed two days dedicated to formulating HI&I products. For full details visit
The Exhibition, TechFocus and the Formulation Masterclasses are free to attend. The BACS Conference has a small charge of £90 + VAT per day. Here is some key information for your diary:

Venue: The NMM Exhibition Centre
Dates: 05 – 06 March

The Exhibition
Featuring the raw materials, ingredients and formulation services of some of the largest companies within the HI&I industry, the H3i exhibition gives attendees access to a wealth of information, expertise, products, services and advice - an opportunity for focused discussion, investigation and comparison. For the full list of companies exhibiting and represented at H3i visit
H3i will take place at the NMM Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK. The dates are 5-6 March 2013. For all information, full updates, news and to register visit

The TechFocus programme is a series of Free to Attend, short-sharp exhibitor led presentations featuring the science, technology and formulation techniques in a concentrated formula. Ideal for definitive answers to technical questions direct from the people who make the ingredients. Here is an overview of the TechFocus programme:

5 March 2013
- A Fast, Novel Process, to form Stable Pickering Emulsions using Clay-Based Particles
Dr Neil Grant, Rockwood Additives
- parmetol® MBX – a sustainable and forward-looking preservation concept in household products
Matthias Hentz, Schülke & Mayr
- Dequest® phosphonates based on recycled phosphorus
Isabelle Leónard, Thermphos België
- ColtideTM Radiance – A novel biopolymer maintaining the natural structure of the fiber and protects visibly against greying
Maz Goodwin, Croda Europe
- REWOCID WK 30 – practical applications of an amphoteric biocide
Michael Fender, Evonik Industries AG
- Non-Ionic Soil Release Polymers – Performance Additives beyond Laundry Detergent Formulations!
Dr Oliver Kaumanns, Clariant GmbH
- Liquitint, Customized Polymeric Colorants
Laurent De Bruyne, Milliken Europe
- NatraSenseTM – New surfactants from biotechnology and natural chemistry
Steve Johnson, Croda Europe
- Enhanced cleaning and improved shine technology for hard surface care
Eve de Maesschalck, Lubrizol Advanced Materials
- Keep foam under control – low foaming applications
Sabine Both, BTC Speciality Chemical Distribution
- Biocide formulations, ways to address the challenges of the BPD/BPR
Michael Lützetler, Lonza
- This is why you need the chelating builder GLDA
Dr Jan Seetz, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals
- Industrial and Institutional Cleaning: Glucopon The “Allrounder”
Dr Nicole Graf, BTC Speciality Chemical Distribution
- Biological Cleaning Solutions from Novozymes
Sundip Joshi, Surfachem
- A Novel Co surfactant Technology
Catherine Wretborne, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry

6 March 2013
- US Trends Today – UK & European Trends tomorrow?
Steve Rodriguez, Vitech International
- Montan waxes for Household and Car Care applications
Dr Rosemarie Weber, Clariant Produkte
- Novel Polymer for Hard Surface Soil Release
Michael Standish, Ashland Speciality Ingredients
- Dyes, Pigments & Non Staining Colours from Sensient Industrial Colors
Mike Pembery, Sensient Industrial Colors
- Thickeners and Rheology Modifiers for the HI&I Market
Mark Stanion, Scott Bader
- SYNTRAN® 1560 – enhanced soil resistance for eco-friendly floor cleaners
Eric Alvarez, Interpolymer
- A Fast, Novel Process, to form Stable Pickering Emulsions using Clay-Based Particles
Dr Neil Grant, Rockwood Additives

BACS Conference
The BACS Conference, developed specifically for H3i to meet the needs of formulators, R&D technicians and NPD specialists, will detail the issues facing the market, giving practical application orientated advice, latest market trends and regulation updates. Here is an outline of the papers:

5 March
- Sustainability and Innovation from the Perspective of a Consumer Goods Company
Mark Stalmans, Procter & Gamble
- Sustainable Design; Solving Other People’s Problems
Rebecca Farnell, CIKTN
- The Approach and Challenges of Sustainability for a Global Formulation Company
Stephen Dalton, Diversey Europe part of Sealed Air
- REACH: Tricks and Traps when working in SIEFs
Hans-Jochem Lückefett, K&L GmbH
- The Extended-SDS – practicalities and real life
Mark Selby, Denehurst Chemical Safety Limited

6 March
- The future ability of the European Specialties Industry to compete
Alistair Steel, Industry Sector Fine, Speciality and Consumer Chemicals, Cefic
- The Importance of Alternatively Sourced Bio-materials for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Dr Michael Butler, Unilever
- Do Bio-derived surfactant raw materials make the difference?
Erik Rietkerk, Colin A Houston and Associates
- Sustainability and Surfactants – Chemistry as an Enabler
Dr Jürgen Tropsch, BASF
- The New Biocides Regulation and what it is all about
Dr Richard Elsmore, JSC International

Formulation Masterclasses
These free to attend sessions offer extra depth, content and value and deliver a full and interactive experience covering key formulation issues in formulating HI&I cleaning products. Here is an outline of the Masterclasses:

5 March
- Rheological solutions to difficult formulating problems
Jane Doyle and Neil Grant, Rockwood Additives

6 March
- How to formulate a floor polish
Martha Hertzog, Interpolymer


- World’s first show dedicated to organic & natural cosmetics & beauty products
- Being held on the 2nd-3rd June 2013 at ExCeL London
- Expecting over 12,000 visitors, 60 speakers and 150 exhibitors
- Catering to the growing demand for natural and organic beauty products including cosmetics, raw materials, ingredients and packaging, anti-ageing, slimming products, nutritional supplements and vitamins
- Supported by the industry’s leading associations and certification bodies
- Top keynote speakers and panellists from renown organisations such as The Soil Association, CTPA, Ecocert, Cosmebio, Natrue, Demeter, BDIH, ICEA, Synadiet and IFRA
- Staging the Natural Health Beauty Awards in association with UK no.1 health magazine, Natural Health
- World’s first show dedicated to organic & natural cosmetics & beauty products - Being held on the 2nd-3rd June 2013 at ExCeL London - Expecting over 12,000 visitors, 60 speakers and 150 exhibitors - Catering to the growing demand for natural and organic beauty products including cosmetics, raw materials, ingredients and packaging, anti-ageing, slimming products, nutritional supplements and vitamins - Supported by the industry’s leading associations and certification bodies - Top keynote speakers and panellists from renown organisations such as The Soil Association, CTPA, Ecocert, Cosmebio, Natrue, Demeter, BDIH, ICEA, Synadiet and IFRA - Staging the Natural Health Beauty Awards in association with UK no.1 health magazine, Natural Health

For the first time, the Organic & Natural Beauty Show is being launched in London on the 2nd-3rd June 2013 at ExCel, to address the growing demand for natural and organic beauty products such as cosmetics, raw materials, ingredients and packaging, anti-ageing, slimming products, nutritional supplements and vitamins. It is the first event in Europe to combine natural, organic, fair trade, sustainable, ethical, free-from, environmentally safe and eco-friendly beauty products from around the world under one roof.
The show is exclusively dedicated to the natural and organic beauty industry and focused towards the high quality of its attendees. With over 80% of the visitors occupying senior management positions in the natural cosmetic and beauty market, it offers a unique networking platform for exchanging ideas, launching new products and meeting UK and European retailers, distributors and beauty professionals.
The Organic & Natural Beauty Show 2013 will attract over 12,000 visitors, 60 speakers and 150 exhibitors. Visitors are mostly UK and European distributors of natural beauty products such as department stores, importers, wholesalers, retail chains, supermarkets, health stores, retailers, hotels, spas, sport centres, professional buyers, pharmacists and chemists, hair and beauty salons, e-commerce platforms and online retailers, high-end boutiques as well as a wide range of health and beauty professionals and members of the press. Speakers are market experts addressing the latest industry issues. Exhibitors are international producers of natural beauty products looking to increase their brand awareness and develop their distribution channels in the UK, Ireland and Europe. 74% of the audience is expected to come from the UK and Ireland, 18% from Europe and 8% from the rest of the world.
The event is supported by the industry’s leading associations and certification bodies such as The Soil Association, CTPA, Ecocert, Natrue, Cosmebio, Demeter, ICEA, BDIH, Synadiet, IFRA, as well as UK’s no.1 health magazine, Natural Health. For the first time, the Natural Health Beauty Awards Ceremony, one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the skincare and cosmetics industry awarding 50 organic and natural beauty products, will be held live at the show.
Event Organiser Philippe Gelin said: “There is a strong trend in the beauty industry to focus increasingly on health issues. Individuals are getting more aware that some beauty products can be harmful to their health and organic and natural beauty products, because of their body-friendly properties, are now facing high demand. After spending two years consulting many experts, the general consensus was that the industry was in dire need of an event exclusively dedicated to its market and issues. The few events that currently include organic and natural beauty products are mostly about food and do not provide the real opportunity to respond to this growing market which not only includes cosmetics but also products such as nutritional supplements and vitamins. In fact, natural beauty is not only about looking good on the outside, it also encompasses vital factors such wellbeing and health. It is to answer this gap in the market that we decided to launch - with the full support of the industry’s leading professional associations and certification bodies - the first beauty show focused on organic and natural products: The Organic & Natural Beauty Show.”

Key Topics Covered and Expert Speakers
The conference covers a wide variety of areas ranging from legislative updates & regulatory harmonisation in Europe, retail landscape of organic & natural cosmetics, intellectual property, private labels & packaging, social media and brand strategy, male care, organic and natural preservatives, organic products and natural methods in anti-aging techniques, current trends and research in organic and natural raw materials, the market of natural slimming products, standards in organic nutritional supplements, private equity funds covering the organic beauty market and raising money for cosmetic startups.
Specific expert comment being given by:
- Francis Blake, Policy Advisor, The Soil Association (UK) & President of COSMOS-Standard AISB (Belgium)
- Chris Flower, Director-General, CTPA (UK)
- Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio Presenter, Natural Beauty Personality & Author
- Riccardo Anouchinsky, Head of Cosmos relations, ICEA (Italy)
- Betty Santonnat, Development Director, Cosmebio (France)
- Valérie Lemaire, Managing Director, Ecocert (France)
- Harald Dittmar, Managing Director, BDIH (Germany)
- Julie Tyrrell, Director General, NATRUE (Belgium)
- Tim Whiteley, Global R&D Director, CPL Aromas (UK) & member of IFRA
- Elizabeth Candelario, Marketing Director, Demeter (USA)
- Guillaume de Durat, Secretary General, Synadiet (France)
Also featured are top-level presenters such as CEO’s from manufacturers of organic and natural cosmetics and beauty products.
For more information on the event, please visit the event:
If you would like interviews, specific expert comments from any of the speakers or further information about the event, please get in touch with our press contact.


As companies ramp up business activities for the new year, preparations for the largest-ever PCHi are underway. From 13 to 15 March 2013, Halls 3 and 4 of the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, China, will be transformed to host influential personal care professionals from all over the world.
Over 300 ingredient suppliers and distributors will showcase their latest cosmetics ingredients, representing the largest number of exhibitors in PCHi history yet. In addition, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE), the organizer of PCHi, expects to welcome 6,200 trade professionals through the event doors over three days.
Lynn Xu, Project Manager, shared, “Since the first edition of PCHi in 2008, we have witnessed steady growth in terms of floor space, as well as exhibitor and visitor quality. In line with our unwavering goal to provide a professional industry platform of international standards, PCHi 2013 will feature a strong conference line-up, along with other engaging onsite activities, in order to cater to the knowledge and networking needs of attendees. We are particularly excited to share how the show has grown through the years, and will have a dedicated feature area for visitors and exhibitors alike to celebrate together with us.”

Conference program
PCHi 2013 will feature the strongest conference line-up to date, with partnerships that inject new elements and strengthen existing tracks.
For the first time ever, PCHi and the Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemists (HKSCC) will co-host the HKSCC/IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Education Day. During these sessions, experts will shed light into current issues affecting the cosmetics and toiletries (C&T) industry.
Under another collaboration, Euromonitor will share its views on “Reinventing Beauty: New Growth Models in China and Beyond”. These Marketing Trends sessions will see analysts provide insights that will help businesses stay ahead of competition.
As part of the Innovation Forum, international research firm, Mintel, will expound on the latest cosmetics and toiletries ingredients in the market. Delegates of this conference track will also learn about the science and technologies behind the recent innovations from ingredient suppliers themselves. Similar sessions, under the New Technology Session (NTS), will see exhibitors share about new-to-market ingredients. The NTS is free to attend, and is open to all PCHi attendees.
In addition, PCHi has forged partnerships with International Cosmetics (Asia Pacific) Joint Development Centre (ICJDC) and Guangdong Food & Cosmetics Testing Centre (CTC). During the Rules & Regulations Forum, ICJDC will provide valuable information into the latest government standards for the local personal care sector. And as part of the Professional Chemistry & Formulation Workshops, CTC representatives will share about recent technological and formulatory developments.

China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards (CPCIA)
Since 2011, the CPCIA has honoured companies that have demonstrated innovation in the designing of new ingredients. These annual accolades provide a good platform for brands to gain credibility, and feature award categories such as ‘most innovative ingredient’ and ‘most innovative formulating & processing technology’.
The CPCIA ceremony will be held on the first evening of PCHi 2013 (13 March), and will laud cutting edge formulations that were released in the China market between 2011 and 2013. These awards are co-organized by PCHi and Ringier Trade Media’s Happi China magazine.

Special celebratory feature area
At PCHi 2013, RSE invites all attendees to commemorate five successful editions of the trade show, and look forward to even stronger editions of PCHi. A special segment of the showfloor will display a number of interactive activities, including a photo booth and lucky dip. Visitors to the segment can a glimpse of each edition of PCHi and, will also have the opportunity to write well-wishes for the show.

This feature area will allow exhibitors and visitors to take a break from on-site meetings, and provide a gathering point for ingredient suppliers, distributors and personal care manufacturers to network as they look back at the industry’s growth over recent years.

Media networking
This year, a total of 12 media titles will be represented at PCHi 2013 to provide global coverage of the event. International trade media include CosmeticsDesign Asia, Expression Cosmétique, Household and Personal Care Today, Ingredients South Asia, InnoLab, Raw Materials & Packaging, SPC Asia, The Chemical Daily and The Korea Cosmetics News. Domestic trade monthly, Happi China, will also be at PCHi 2013 to provide a local perspective of the exhibition.

On the third morning of PCHi 2013, a Media Networking Session will be held to allow show attendees to meet with the international media group. This will allow ingredient suppliers, distributors and personal care brands to discuss industry trends with the media and gather insight about global trends, as well as useful tips for doing business in China and abroad.

Industry professionals who plan to be at PCHi 2013 may pre-register at the event website ( to avoid waiting lines at the show and onsite registration fees of RMB100. And from January to February 2013, two pre-registered visitors will each receive individual three-day conference passes in monthly lucky draws.

PCHi 2013 will be held in Guangzhou at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, from 13 to 15 March 2013. The show is expected to attract more than 6,200 industry professionals, and will span a total floor area of 18,000sqm. For more information, please visit

About PCHi
The Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show is China's dedicated trade event for ingredient suppliers to engage manufacturers of cosmetics, personal care and homecare goods to meet their growing production demands. PCHi is the one-stop platform for peer-to-peer information exchange of emerging market trends, technological innovations, new scientific developments and updates on international regulations, underpinned by quality service standards. The show is organized and managed by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, in association with the In-Cosmetics series of events.

PCHi 2013 will be held in Guangzhou at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, from 13 to 15 March 2013. The show is expected to attract more than 6,200 industry professionals, and will span a total floor area of 18,000sqm. For more information, please visit

46th International wfk Detergency Conference, April 9th to 11th, 2013, Hilton Conference Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany

Since 1949 the wfk - cleaning technology institute has organized the International Detergency Conference (IDC). The IDC takes place every two years at the Hilton conference centre in Düsseldorf. With more than 500 participants, about 130 lectures and in addition many poster presentations it is one of the world´s biggest conferences on cleaning and hygiene technology.
The importance of cleaning technology is growing in many fields. On the one hand the requirements for functionality, low residue concentrations and hygiene of areas, materials and surfaces increase continuously. On the other hand economic restrictions and legislation lead to an increased necessity of saving resources. This area of tension determines the programme of the 46th International wfk Detergency Conference.
Beside general aspects and basics of detergency 10 different sessions are planned which will deal with domestic cleaning and hygiene, detergents, disinfecting agents, raw materials, resources saving, process- and machine technology as well as quality management.
National and European regulations will increase in the future the necessity of saving energy, water and cleaning agents when cleaning and reprocessing many different materials. For this purpose already available solutions as well as new technologies which can be expected in the future from science and research will be presented during the conference.
Growing requirements for the hygiene status of cleaned materials are a big challenge. During the IDC possibilities of meeting those challenges will be discussed on the basis of latest research results.
The functionality of surfaces and materials is defined to an increasing extent by measurable parameters. This applies to surfaces for domestic and industrial applications. During the IDC processes for the validated cleaning and continuous monitoring of functional properties will be presented. Simple and economical quick tests will play an important role, which can be used also by small and medium sized enterprises without involving external experts.
The IDC-soiree at the Theatre of Dreams will not only provide the possibility of technical discussions but also high class entertainment.
The conference languages are English and German. All oral presentations will be translated simultaneously (English ↔ German). The charts must be in English.
Benefit from the IDC as unique forum of concentrated expert information and of intensive discussions with professionals from your industry!

The programme will be published in January 2013.
For further details see


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