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DetNet launched at 10th A.I.S.E. Information Day in Brussels

Detergent industry launches DetNet, a unique network to implement CLP Regulation. Detergent companies invited to join!
On the occasion of its 10th Information Day addressing the topic of safe use of detergents and cleaning products, A.I.S.E. inaugurated DetNet, the “Detergent Industry Network for CLP classification”. Developed with industry and external expertise, in close dialogue with stakeholders, DetNet aims to help companies establish the appropriate skin and eye irritancy classification for their products in compliance with the CLP Regulation.
On 1st June 2015, classification and labelling of mixtures becomes mandatory under the CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.The Regulation sets out the criteria for the classification and labelling of chemicals based on the UN Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and will eventually replace the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD) and Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD). The CLP Regulation implemented the UN GHS 2nd revised edition and is updated periodically via Adaptations to Technical Progress (ATP) to reflect further GHS revisions and changes in harmonised classifications.
CLP applies to all substances and mixtures except where specified in CLP Article 1 (with some exceptions specifically listed in Article 1).A key principle of CLP is self-classification (except where a substance is listed in CLP Annex VI with harmonized classification and labelling) based on, as far as possible, existing data. Annex I to the CLP Regulation allows suppliers in an industry sector to cooperate through formation of a network to share data and expertise.
Through DetNet, all manufacturers/suppliers of detergents and cleaning products can have access to shared test data and expertise to allow for a transparent science-based process for classification, in line with the CLP principles. The detergent industry is the first sector to implement the new CLP concept allowing the formation of an industry classification network for mixtures. Its objective is to help users know the potential hazard of products, securing that those with different hazards are adequately distinguished, based on relevant and adequate labelling. Counting already its first applicants, other companies active in the detergent market are invited to join as soon as possible, allowing them to be ready by 1st June 2015 when CLP fully applies to mixtures.
On behalf of European Vice President Antonio Tajani, DG Enterprise Director Gwenole Cozigou congratulated A.I.S.E. on the DetNet initiative. He said that "DetNet is a very important voluntary initiative of the detergent industry that will help to generate data based on validated and recognised test methods and share it with all detergent companies in Europe. An accurate classification of chemicals is of great importance to both industry and consumers." Other speakers including a Member of the European Parliament, Member States, ECHA, academia, poison control centers, civil society commented on the importance of relevant consumer information and safe use of products.
At the event gathering around 130 attendees from industry as well as various suppliers and related stakeholders, A.I.S.E. representatives highlighted the different activities undertaken by the sector to ensure users’ safety through adequate labelling and consistent communication. Besides activities linked to regulatory developments (whether CLP, Biocides, REACH or Detergent Regulation), A.I.S.E.’s long tradition of voluntary initiatives, well known in the domain of sustainability, is also applied for the safe use of products, notably with the development of safe use icons that have been used on billions of products for the last 10 years, as well as more recent Product Stewardship Programmes for specific product categories like air fresheners or liquid laundry detergent capsules. Concluding on the event, Charles-François Gaudefroy, A.I.S.E. President mentioned: “Our products are used daily and provide key benefits to millions of consumers and professional customers through the delivery of cleanliness and hygiene. We are committed to securing that those are safe for use, starting with appropriate labelling, and working in partnership with all stakeholders for an accurate and efficient legislative framework complemented by additional voluntary sectoral initiatives”.

A.I.S.E. is the official representative body for the cleaning and maintenance industry in Europe. Its membership totals 34 national associations in 39 countries, covering about 900 companies. These range from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinationals active both in the consumer goods market and the industrial & institutional (I&I) domains. A.I.S.E. industry activities are driven by The Agenda for Sustainable Cleaning. The core objective of the agenda is sustainable development. This agenda is supported by two pillars of activities: developing and promoting voluntary actions and cooperating with stakeholders at EU and local level to achieve a balanced and better regulatory framework.

The household care industry met in Copenhagen to minimize its environmental impact
On December 4th and 5th 2013, companies across the household care value chain met in Copenhagen to work on lessening the environmental impact of their products. They will also discuss how to collaborate to deliver more sustainable products to consumers.

“Our partners are committed to doing the right thing for the environment, but they also aim to cut costs on raw materials, packaging and transportation. This is a pragmatic, impactful way to approach sustainability and it opens new doors for everyone, from ingredient providers to detergent manufactures to retailers,” says Cynthia Bryant, Household Care Director at Novozymes.

Hosted biennially by Novozymes, the Copenhagen Household Care Sustainability Summit gathers the industry’s top business and sustainability minds to share pragmatic ideas for achieving true, systematic sustainability.

This year’s included participants from some of the biggest companies in the industry such as P&G, Henkel and Unilever, trade and consumer organizations and think tanks. Speakers include Kara Hurst, CEO of The Sustainability Consortium, and Reed Doyle, Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at Seventh Generation.

Collaboration is key to sustainability
The summit also aims to foster collaboration on sustainability issues in an otherwise highly competitive industry.
“There is plenty of incentive in our industry to collaborate on sustainability. When key global retailers, such as Walmart, are focused on energy and waste reduction in their supply chains, it becomes our obligation to deliver more compact, better performing solutions,” Bryant explains.
In 2012, Walmart launched its supplier scorecard that ranks suppliers in terms of sustainability. By defining how to measure the environmental impact of their production processes, detergent manufacturers can not only achieve great cost and environmental savings for themselves, they can also qualify to supply to Walmart.

Measuring and documenting data
“Our partners are very interested in learning more about how to operate leaner and greener,” explains Bryant. “That’s why the summit also will focus on how to measure and document production processes. If we can collectively optimize our operations, we can reduce the environmental footprint of the entire industry while growing our businesses. It’s a potential huge win for all of us.”
The market for laundry detergents is approximately 245 billion DKK annually and each year 17 million tons of detergents are produced and consumed globally (1). Even small changes could have a huge impact. If all consumers in North America washed their warm washes at cold, the savings would equal 7.4 million tons of CO2, which equals annual emissions from 2 million cars off the road (2).
“These are exactly the areas where we are trying to make progress – but no one company can do it alone. We believe the summit provides the right platform to support knowledge sharing and collaboration towards more sustainable and more profitable business.”

  1. Euromonitor
  2. Lifecycle analysis by Novozymes

Download a collection of articles dedicated to sustainability in household care "The Copenhagen Sustainability Series 2012-2013” connecting to this link:

Making Cosmetics Exhibition & Seminars
Source – Manufacture – Outsource

Making Cosmetics will once again open its’ doors to the cosmetics and personal care products industry from 25-26 March 2014 at the Ricoh Arena near Coventry, UK.
Making Cosmetics features developments that allow branded / private label manufacturers and brand owners / developers to respond effectively and efficiently to consumer demand in ever competitive markets.
Consumers demand toiletries, cosmetics, hair and skin care products that enhance their appearance and personal sense and are safe to use. Producers are keen to maintain their reputation for safe, effective and innovative products that meet the requirements of ever demanding consumers. At the same time, personal care products are subject to a legislative and regulatory environment that affects every part of the manufacturing and supply chain.
Making Cosmetics brings an essential focus to the many different types of people working in the personal care market. It is an effective opportunity to see what is available on the market, discuss key issues and come away with clear approaches in mind.
Here are some key features of Making Cosmetics

Two Packed Days
Making Cosmetics is two days packed with content ideal for anyone looking to:
  • Develop products that are fit for purpose, stable and compliant
  • Increase efficiencies, enhance productivity, save costs, cut the time to market
  • Find new developments in technology and technique
  • Source competitive pricing, value for money, new standards in cost/performance
  • Access the latest thinking in good manufacturing practice and hygiene
  • Design, manufacture and market products in a controlled, safe and audited manner
  • Investigate improvements in effectiveness, performance and efficacy
  • Enhance product performance, application or appeal
  • Meet the demands of a legislative and regulatory framework that affects every part of the manufacturing and supply chain
  • Design and buy packaging in a manner that enhances brand success
  • Enhance speed to market, flexible manufacturing practice
  • Learn from the experiences and successes of other brand owners
  • Maintain quality, safety, stability
  • Identify opportunity through market trends and data

Now being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry to accommodate the ever increasing demand to attend the event, Making Cosmetics will feature four rooms running more than 75 seminars, workshops and demonstrations concurrently over the two days as well as a major exhibition –offering access to over 200 contacts who can provide answers, information, inspiration, technology and ideas for developing, sourcing, manufacturing and outsourcing cosmetics & personal care products, taking them from concept to consumer.

Chilli Rating
Using the Making Cosmetics chilli rating system on the event website visitors are able to pin-point the seminars which are key to their level of expertise and knowledge. Such a rating ensures that everyone can find the information and answers they need to take their businesses to the next level.

The seminars cover topics such as Managing the New Product Development Process, Regulation, Legislation & Compliance, Scale-up / Manufacture, Risk Management / HACCP, Brand Positioning & USP’s and Packaging. There is content relevant to every type of organisation and Individual, from start-up enterprises to multi-national corporations.

Modern Mixing - the Ekato Way
Visitors to Making Cosmetics can join Ekato to see just how easily UNIMIX can make their products. Each day, practical demonstrations will highlight the modern design features which make UNIMIX such an efficient way, time saving and cost effective way to manufacture cosmetics, creams or lotions. Advantages like high yields, repeatable production and scale up possibilities mean INIMIX could be all you need. Visit for more details.

A Major Exhibition
There is also be more than 8.5 hours of exclusive exhibition only time featuring more than 70 leading companies from the cosmetics and personal care products industry, offering the very latest technology, innovation, solutions, expertise and products available on the market today ensuring that everyone who attends has the opportunity to network and do business with the companies who can supply the know - how, expertise, products and services that they need to drive their businesses forward, and gain the edge on their competitors.

Making Brands
Making Cosmetics 2014 will also see the inclusion of Making Brands featuring a series of presentations by brand owners and including a Brand Showcase which is an exclusive opportunity for visitors to see a range of brands available on the market. It is a showcase for creativity and innovation where Brand Owners can present their finished products, allowing everyone at Making Cosmetics to see how creative developers have brought products to market.
Making Brands at Making Cosmetics is supported by Pure Beauty.

Look Good Feel Better
The 2014 Making Cosmetics will be held in support of the Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) charity – an organisation that does amazing things to improve the wellbeing and self-confidence of people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. LGFB is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers suffering from the visible effects from cancer treatment.
The organisers of Making Cosmetics are delighted to be involved with such a fantastic organisation and there will be numerous activities taking place during the two days of Making Cosmetics to help raise money for the LGFB cause.
In 2013 Making Cosmetics attracted nearly 1,000 visitors during its’ two days of opening, and the 2014 event is well on course to surpass this, with more content, more exhibitors, more experts and more features all housed in one great new location at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Cleaning Products Europe 2014
Smithers Apex are pleased to announce the complete agenda for Cleaning Products Europe 2014, taking place on 25-27 March in Manchester, UK, featuring expert speakers from all levels of the supply chain from household and I&I cleaning products manufacturers to chemical suppliers and regulatory bodies to retail representatives.
The cleaning products market continues to grow year on year - global sales of household cleaning products are predicted to reach $147bn in 2017 and this presents numerous ongoing opportunities for those in the cleaning products market. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, companies need to stay ahead of regulatory, environmental, societal, consumer and core industry developments and trends.
The Cleaning Products Europe agenda is focused on providing a 360 degree view on these forthcoming developments set to impact or disrupt the industry. Featuring perspectives from external stakeholders, the conference will begin by setting the mutual vision for the industry, including presentations from the European Commission, DG Environment, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and WWF.
Unilever and P&G will once again co-chair the conference and give their insights on sanitisation and hygiene consumer benefits, regulatory and safety considerations and sustainable consumer behaviour. The machinery sector, I&I sector and textile industry will also be present to provide updates on their sectors’ trends and opportunities. 
The conference will present an integrated approach to working across the value chain, inspiring attendees to assess how their business is set up for the future. Examples of successful industry collaborations feature on the agenda and include a study on cotton processing from DuPont and Huntsman, in addition to BASF presenting on competition and cooperation in shaping the sustainability roadmap of the home care and I&I industry. 
Delegates can also participate in a pre-conference workshop focusing on regulatory matters affecting the cleaning products industry and providing an overview of all relevant regulatory issues for both a biocidal and non-biocidal product.
With such a diverse agenda and attendees expected from all levels of the supply chain, plus extended networking opportunities, attendance of Cleaning Products Europe will not only provide you with high level content, but also a great chance to make many new contacts and customers. 

Formulate new beauty in Hamburg at in-cosmetics 2014
Known for its scientific and technical excellence and home to cosmetic giants such as Beiersdorf, as well as many other beauty brands and suppliers, Hamburg is the perfect setting for the next edition of in-cosmetics which returns to Germany on 1 – 3 April 2014.
The global personal care industry is thriving and according to Cosmetics Europe, the Personal Care Association, Germany is Europe’s premier market in Europe valued at 12,851 billion Euros*. With six months until the doors open, in-cosmetics 2014 is already close to selling out, with more than 600 exhibitors preparing to display innovative ingredients, launch new products and showcase major developments in the personal care industry.
The 2013 show in Paris was proof of the market’s dynamism, attracting more than 9,300 unique visitors from around the globe. in-cosmetics 2014 promises to emulate this success with original content, exciting product launches and an even more comprehensive Educational Programme.

New Brazil Country Focus
For the first time ever, in-cosmetics will have a Country Focus. In celebration of the year of collaboration between Germany and Brazil, the show will shine a light on Brazil’s vibrant personal care market – the third biggest market in the world according to Euromonitor International. This will be supported by ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry) and will offer a dedicated programme of events including a Brazil Product Trail, Marketing Trends presentations, a Workshop and a Brazil exhibitor pavilion, hosting many first-time exhibitors. A Networking Zone with a Brazilian Bar will give visitors and exhibitors the chance to discuss opportunities in more detail. Innovative skincare, haircare, and colour cosmetics from Brazil handpicked by Mintel will also be demonstrated on the Innovation Zone.

Extensive Educational Programme
The extensive Educational Programme will include over 20 Marketing Trends sessions with speakers discussing the industry’s hot topics such as haircare, dermatology and professional skincare. Sessions will also explore opportunities in markets outside of Europe including the Brazilian market, tying in with the show’s Brazil Country Focus, as well as Japan and Korea. A special keynote presentation on ‘innovation’ will also be delivered by Beiersdorf.
The 2014 event has more Workshops than ever before. A special focus on Brazil will offer attendees tips on breaking into this buoyant market, and another session will guide visitors through the pitfalls and opportunities provided by the Chinese market. Other sessions also offer practical advice on alternatives to animal testing, claim substantiation, natural cosmetics, haircare and skin protection/ageing.
What’s more, the ‘Fragrance in Cosmetics’ and ‘Testing and Regulation’ Zones launched in 2013 have both increased in size demonstrating the increasing importance of these areas for manufacturers today. The ‘Fragrance in Cosmetics’ Zone is twice as large and the ‘Testing and Regulation’ Zone is five times larger than in 2013.
Innovation will be top of the agenda with the addition of a third Innovation Seminar, enabling visitors to access even more exhibitor-led presentations than ever before.

The Innovation Zone will also return to Hamburg, where visitors can discover new ingredient launches from all corners of the globe. Visitors can also touch, test and understand how the new ingredients on display can be developed into a formulation. Live demonstrations have been expanded allowing visitors to find out more about innovative technologies and application techniques.

On the second night of the show, the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards will be presented to honour three companies that demonstrate innovation in the development of functional or active ingredients. Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine will also present awards in two categories, Best New Ingredient and Most Creative Application. More awards will also be announced soon.

Lucy Gillam, Event Director for in-cosmetics, commented: “We’re extremely excited about in-cosmetics 2014 and to be returning to Germany after five years. This is the first time we’ve taken the show to Hamburg and we’re gearing up for another action-packed edition with more visitor attractions and educational content than ever before. The new Brazil Country Focus will add a new dimension to the show, offering visitors a unique opportunity to gain insight into this vibrant market.”

Montreux 2014: Experience the New Reality
The fabric and home care industry returns to the Montreux Music and Convention Center in Switzerland for the World Conference on Fabric and Home Care from October 6–9, 2014. Montreux 2014 will feature senior executives from some of the most influential companies sharing their expertise and visions of the future. Network with these corporate giants and learn how to become part of the New Reality.

Upgrade to Business Class
Montreux 2014 attendees can look forward to innovative ideas and the finest presentations from 19 experts in the fabric and home care industry and beyond. Six company CEOs and several company presidents will give their perspectives on the changing industry landscape. Highlighted keynote speakers include: Kurt Bock of BASF, Itsuo Hama of Lion, Peder Holk Nielsen of Novozymes, H. Fisk Johnson of SC Johnson, Kasper Rorsted of Henkel, and Michitaka Sawada of Kao. Montreux 2014 will also feature speakers from Coca-Cola, DuPont, Facebook, Oxiteno, P&G, Unilever, Walmart, and other international organizations.

Creating Value in the New Reality
The theme of Montreux 2014 is “Creating Value in the New Reality.” Sessions will focus on a different aspect of that new reality and how it will affect the future of the industry.
  • Sustainability: Realize the balance of economic realities and environmental responsibility.
  • Growth: Discover innovations to benefit society.
  • Interaction: Harness the energy of the empowered customer and consumer.

Virtual Technology Showcase and Industry Innovations Incubator
For the first time, Montreux will offer a technology showcase entirely in virtual format. The showcase will highlight the latest research and developments from participating industry leaders, government organizations, and academic institutions though web-based video presentations. Also making its debut is the Industry Innovations Incubator, which will showcase start-up companies with cutting-edge ideas and products. Registered delegates can access this outstanding content before, during, and after the conference for viewing at any time.

Networking Opportunities
Montreux 2014 will feature ample opportunities to network with peers in your field. Arrive at the conference early and enjoy an Oktoberfest-style reception with fellow attendees. Strengthen your connections and make new contacts at a post-session networking event sponsored by Oxiteno, and meet with fellow fabric and home care professionals during a dinner cruise on Lake Geneva.

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